Dimitris Karampatakis, K – Studio


Co-Founder & Creative Director


Dimitris Karampatakis, co-founder and director of Greek architecture and design firm k-studio, began his career whilst completing his studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture. These early works brought him back to Athens and over the following years, in partnership with his brother Konstantinos, the studio took shape and began to build a reputation for a totally context-based approach to design.

«We take the time to consider the whole story of each project. Regardless of scale, location or use, successful design works in harmony with its context and responds appropriately and energetically to the brief.»

k-studio is now an award-winning practice with projects across the globe, an international staff of architects, designers and administrators and a halo of collaborators and consultants. As Creative Director Dimitris believes that growth, especially in the current European climate, relies on flexibility, open-mindedness and above all, team spirit.