Corporate profile

AKRITAS  S.A  wood  processing industry was  founded in 1977 in  Alexandroupolis, Greece. Our sales network currently expands throughout Greece, with  offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, as client service efficiently is our basic  priority. Moreover, the company has developed export activity, thus establishing its presence in numerous countries abroad. Central to our wide range of products is the innovative AKRIPAN® particleboard and AKRIPAN® coated products (melamines, worktops,kitchentops,semi-finished furniture, Post forming ,glossy and matt surfaces).

AKRITAS ‘ aim is to produce  and distribute functional, durable and perfect designed products with respect for the environment and the consumer. Thus, all our products comply with international quality standards,while all departments of our industry operate under ISO 9001-2008 regulations.

Since its establishment AKRITAS  has been oriented towards new technologies  and low energy consumption. Following environmental policy programs,  the industry is certified with  the FSC standard, which ensures that all material used, from the initial stages to the final product, is lumbered from areas in compliance with Forest Responsible Management regulations.

For more than four decades, AKRITAS is intent to values based on the combination of the human factor and innovative technology. These values, enforced by our commitment for consistency in sales and environmental protection, have established AKRITAS among the industry pioneers in the market.